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The first cryptocurrency in the world that grows only down!

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It's very simple. For example, you buy for $1 and sell for $0.5. You have no profit. Awesome.

Our coin is growing steadily down. We can say that this is a stable coin. Stable down.

People choose ScammerCoin

Blockchain in the blockchain® technology. Easy to buy & hard to sell. The unique advantage here is an automatic matching of users, basing on artificial intelligence approach and automatic losing money.


Mobile App

The development of the mobile application is added to the roadmap and the release is expected very soon, in a few years. Stay tuned!


Secure Wallet

Our first $20 million of investment has gone into the implementation of the SSL Protocol for our web site. To the moon!


Instant Lose

An innovative hybrid proof-of-lose. In Crypto, everyone has a good chance lose all the money. Instant, on-demand losses.

Words from blockchain gurus

"Last few years I was closely following ScammerCoin activities and was always trying out their latest products, and needless to say, I was never disappointed. ScammerCoin has successfully stayed ahead of its competitors, and I see it as one of the top blockchain companies in the next five or ten years."

Azamat, specialist in making bugs in software. Strategic investor.


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How To Get Scammed?

Very simply. The MainChain of the Scam-Chain system will be lose.

Introduce new financial platform

Even if you do not know the programming, you can easily introduce

No bank account required

It consists of a ScammerChain index system, a token system and a DDPOS agreement protocol

Buy ScammerCoins

ScammerPay BlockChain uses the Delegated Proof of Lose (DPOL) Consensus Algorithm

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Everyone who bought ScammerCoins and hold them for 10 years, Šárka promises to make a Blowjob. Take your place in the queue through this form below.


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You do not need to visit an existing bank to open a financial account. You can lose and be scammed at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Amazing.

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Enthusiasts and professionals working every day to make blockchain industry better.

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