WARNING for SCAM with DigiFinex Exchange Listing proposals !!

WARNING for those who applied to list on DIGIFINEX, and receive an email from support@digifinex.com with payment instructions !! The FREE coin did apply to be listed on DigiFinex. We received an email from the official DigiFinex email address support@digifinex.com that we were accepted, together with the payment instructions for the listing fee. 1 day after the payment of the listing fee we were informed by support@digifinex.com that they did not sent the original email, and that we would not be listed ... When we tried to get more info from Digifinex to fully understand what happened, they no longer reacted to our emails and telegram messages ? So be very carefull in the listing process on Digifinex. Getting confirmation emails from their official email account is no guarantee. It remains unclear for us if this was an "inside job" at DigiFinex, or the work of a scammer not related to DigiFinex. The fact that DigiFinex does not want to exchange info about it, is frustrating and strange.